Grotta pillows designed with two finished sides —

just turn it over for a fresh image that will give your room a whole new look.

The sparkle of jewels

and the luxury of silk,

meet the new Grotta jewelry collection.


Loads of pattern!

A collection of ephemera:

cabinets of curiosities, maps, age of enlightenment, botany, deep in the sea

- creating a pillow collection.

Our cloth is hand dyed and hand printed,

crafted one at a time.

Silk scarves - tying styles.

Grotta & Co.

We create textiles with design, print and dyes. Our designs are crafted, reversible, multifunctional and playful. Scarves and pillows are in the website store.  Email or visit the studio for custom design.

- Laura Goldstein -


The new place mats are up-cycled from our canvas printing table drop cloths.  Pattern on pattern on pattern.  Color next to color.  Each place mat is individually printed.  Each is unique and different.  For options, frame for the wall or group for your table setting.  Laura is excited to report they machine wash and dry.